UFH Underfloor Heating

How Does It Work?

Underfloor heating (UFH) is around 30% more efficient than radiators. It is an effective method of heating any room space because heat rises from your floor.

Installation involves running a continuous lengths of flexible pipework, held in place by specially designed guide-rails or staples. A heat retaining screed is applied to finish the process.

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A UFH system is efficient, reliable and very low maintenance and will be designed bespoke to your specific property construction. We offer many different methods of installation, taking into account any construction restraints.

Underfloor heating systems produce a consistent ambient temperature and is a ultra-efficient method of heating an area. We offer smart controls which can be operated by your phone to control your property which truly puts you in control of your heating energy. 

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PERT Piping

As standard, we use PERT tubing in our underfloor heating installations. PERT tubing is the industry standard, offering durability, temperature resistance, and value for money.