IN-CUT Underfloor Heating

Step 1

Remove the flooring and move all furniture out of the cutting area.

Step 2

We begin to cut grooves into the floor using our milling machine, the vacuum cleaner unit keeps the room dust-free so you don’t need to clean everything out.

Step 3

Using the milling machine we cut a piping pattern designed to fit your space and give optimal heating.

Step 4

Once the cutting is complete we lay the tubing into the groove and connect it to the heating system.

Step 5

Once the piping is complete the flooring goes back in easily, as IN-CUT doesn’t build up the floor, regardless of whether you’re using carpet, hard flooring or tiles.

Step 6

Once the flooring is back it’s time to turn on your heating and enjoy!

Why Choose IN-CUT?

Our superior IN-CUT underfloor heating systems allow us to install underfloor heating pipes directly into your existing screed sub-floor with no loss of height. This system allows for underfloor heating in any room, without having to dig up the screed or raise the floor levels. IN-CUT grooves are tightly routed into the screed to facilitate the installation of a 16mm continuous pipe with no joints in the floor and are cut virtually dust-free thanks to the attached vacuum system.

Once the installation is complete the IN-CUT pipes are flush to the existing floor level, so the finished floor can be fitted without any build-up. Thanks to the pipes being flush with the screed IN-CUT systems will heat up a lot quicker than traditional underfloor heating systems, saving you time and money on your heating bills.

PERT Or Aluminium Core?

As standard, we use PERT tubing in our IN-CUT heating installations. PERT tubing is the industry standard, offering durability, temperature resistance, and value for money.

We also offer an upgraded Aluminium Core Pipe for a small additional fee, this piping allows the use of a metal detector to see the location of pipes at any time, without having to remove flooring or call a specialist. This can be a great time and money saver should you ever need to drill into the floor, giving you peace of mind that you won’t damage your underfloor heating system.